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Whether you are just looking for someone to have a read through your latest resume for feedback or a longer on-going coaching engagement to support you feel more comfortable transitioning to a new role; we will start the same way.

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I will then reply and depending on whether I have capacity I will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire to get some basic details from you.

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Don't worry I won't drive a hard sell and if I don't think I'm the right person to work with you; I will tell you so. And finally, I won't ask you to commit to anything further during that first session.

About Me

I have over a decades worth of experience sitting on both sides of the interview table at many software companies big and small.

Having grown multiple high performing development teams, made redundant entire departments, worked at every level from 1st line support to Chief Technology Officer and everything between I have plenty of real world experience I can share with you.

Software craftsmanship has always been close to my heart and I find time to write code every single day. I spend a lot of time learning new technologies, languages and technologies.

I do some occasional blogging, dabble with some Open Source contributions, I've launched projects to front page of HackerNews & ProductHunt and I read a lot!


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Dorian Iacobescu

Elixir Backend Developer

“I feel like having Ville as mentor and coach contributed a lot to my professional life as a developer.

He’s always ready to share his knowledge and has a really cool way to explain complex concepts by examples.”

“Ville has been instrumental in helping expand the knowledge of several other developers, myself included. He is always willing to help out others and help ensure they are doing things the right way.

I couldn't recommend him highly enough. It's been a pleasure.”

Simon Sturgess

Head of UI Development


If there's anything I didn't cover above or if you'd like to ask some questions before booking a session please send me a message